Just now enjoying all of the additional cute Christmas cavaliers on this thread, with my little cav cuddled up on my lap! Certainly had brightened my Christmas Eve, which is my husband and mine first year in a new city away from family.

I don't know how you kept him from eating that candy cane, Denali! Mine would have gobbled that right up Kokoda is so handsome! Lucky and Sparky look great as always, Lani. They know just how to pose! And, SuzRN: that is the cutest Christmas scene! I agree that Vivian has the best whiskers... and Chelsea peeking out of the chimney is priceless! Definitely made me laugh, as that is the same desperate "get me out" look that Butters would make as well!

Melissa: I love that Mr. Monster enjoys the Butters photos. I have a little soft spot for the Blenheims as well, of course ;-)

Sunshinekisses: Thanks for the compliment I use a Canon 1D Mark II. I started out with an old Canon film camera as a kid and have been a long time fan of their cameras