We have become the slaves of Bentley....he runs the show around here. He's 2 years old now and a couple months ago we started allowing him to sleep with us. He has now become so in love with us that he wants our affection and attention more & more. It's sweet but, my goodness, it's hard to get anything else done! If I sit down to check my emails he sits in front of me with those beautiful eyes imploring me to lift him to my lap alongside my laptop. Today I was trying to leave the house to shop for a couple of hours and he was so sure he was going with me that I thought I'd never get out. I had to leave some of the stuff behind that I meant to take along because I couldn't hold him back and get out the door while carrying it. I held his collar with one hand, opened the door with the other and slithered out. Then he ran to the window to watch me drive out, again with those adorable eyes accusing me of abandoning him.

He really does want to please, however. We put the Christmas tree up and the first night he pulled a bow off and munched on it. A couple of sharp "no-no" orders and he hasn't bothered anything since. Gotta love this boy!