Hello, I haven't been on these forums for years and have returned
I have an 8yr old cavalier called Harvey. In April his murmur jumped up a few grades and he began showing lots of symptoms, he then got put on vetmedin.
Since April he has got worse and symptoms were not easing, he is now on a right load of pills bless him!
Two weeks ago we got told he doesn't really have a lot more time, medication isn't making the results the vet hoped as he keeps deteriorating fast between new doses and there is no more medication. Last weeks ECG wasn't good either.
Last night I noticed his body shape seems different, his body is rock hard, he can't seem to poo and he's awfully uncomfortable trying to sit or lay down.
He is other wise happy and barking etc and wagging his tail.
We are off to the vets this afternoon as I think he is badly constipated or just generally something isn't right with him, he can't seem to pass stools today and keeps trying.
Horrible disease to have to see our pets go through