So we are having a new bedtime problem with Fletcher no not getting him to go to bed but getting him to let Mr. Monster (my son) go to bed. Here's what happens.....

Mr. Monster goes to takes a bed every night at 8 p.m. His bedroom and all the kids are off limits to Fletcher, before we got him we installed a nice gate in the hallway leading to their rooms. So its time for bed, Mr. Monster gives Fletcher a kiss and treat before he goes then my husband usually goes to tuck little boy to bed. Two weeks ago Fletcher was outsmarting my husband and sneaking past him thur the gate to go to bed with Mr. Monster. He would have to bring Fletcher back out.........and it kinda messed up the flow of bedtime. I will be the first to admit my son is a brat, my husband is a softy and ANY little change in routine can throw off the balance and "mess up" bedtime. Alright so after Fletcher got his Mr. Monster kisses and treat we put him outside until the kid was in bed. Well, Fletcher the smarty-pants started coming in and barking and barking at the gate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, no. I tried the whole treat machine thing to distract him but clearly he does not want his favorite playmate to go to bed. After a few nights of treats for not barking that has stopped however now he is still scratching at the gate NICE. I tried taking Fletcher out for a quick walk at bedtime but Mr. Monster doesn't like that (he's got this weird thing going on now about being left, I'm guessing its about starting school???) one problem after another...... that's where we are now. Fletcher has never been interested in kongs, I wish but he loves bully sticks should I give that a try??? Is it alright for him to have a bully stick daily for about 30-45 mins. Should we try moving Fletcher's crate into Mr. Monster's room? That is what my husband wants to do but I'm sure if we did that we would find our son letting him out and hello its a 4 year old's bedroom toys everywhere and NOT at all puppy proof. If Fletcher wanted to go in one of the teenagers rooms this would be easier but not the 4 year old.

Anyway, bedtime with this child has never been easy!!!!! Now my sweet little Fletcher is helping cause problems. I realize we could have bigger problems IF the dog and little kid didn't get along so I'm grateful for having "they love each other too much" problem but still...........any ideas?

Thank you!!!!!!!!