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Jazz is home safe and sound, she's a bit like bambi skating on the lake for the first time and feeling very sorry for herself but I'm so glad she's home! Those big brown eyes are making me feel very guilty but I know the worse is over now.

i have been sent home with the cone of shame, I haven't tried her with it, she's not shown the slightest interest in her stitches yet - she won't even let me see them yet!

MadPip - is Rosie home yet?
Hi Nicki, yes she's safe and sound curled up next to me. She was handed over wearing her cone. I've taken it off for now, but she will have it back on at bedtime. I think she may investigate her stitches so I'd rather be safe than sorry. The one I'm having to watch is Pippin, he's very interested in sniffing where her stitches are, so I'm keeping them separated. She needed extra morphine post-op as she was "quite uncomfortable" to quote the vet nurse, so they kept her for a couple of hours more. She's had a little something to eat and is getting less wobbly. Bambi on ice sums it up perfectly, especially as she is a ruby.

I'm going to sleep downstairs with them tonight in case she needs anything during the night. She's also got 3 days worth of painkillers to have, and is due a wound check on Wednesday.

I hope Jazz has a good night for you.