Hi everyone

i have just joined this forum, so heres a little history about myself.....

I have been the proud owner of a cavalier king charles called dash since 2004. A few months ago we decided that we was going to introduce a second cavalier king charles to our family. We found our breeder and on the 5th november 2012 Harvey joined our family. Having two cavaliers has been so much fun and love our family get from they is worth everything.

sadly things took a turn for the worse and dash collapsed. After 3 days of him being unwell and the steriods he was giving having effect we made the hardest but kindest decision we have ever had to make and dash went to sleep on the 7.12.12.

It has been a hard week but harvey our puppy is keeping us busy. He wont ever replace dash but he will be loved just as much and has been a good focus for all the family. He is now 12 weeks old and is such a clever boy. We are so lucky and would love to speak to other cavalier king charles lovers on here
Rip dash xx