Hey everyone! It's been a while!!

As you know I adopted a 6 year old cavvie to add to Brooklyn and I's family about 5 months ago - well, we had o have him MRI'ed recently as he has been head rubbing and randomly yelling and showing other odd behaviours that we could not explain in any other test.

Well, his MRI actually came back pretty good (better than I thought!) but he has what the neuro is calling a pre syrinx in the cervical spine through the C4 and C5.

Can someone help me understand more about a "pre syrinx"? We are putting him on 100mg of Gabapentin three times a day to start, as she is unsure if the pre syrinx is causing pain or not. Any one familiar with this?

He has no CM and his ventricles are good too.

Any thoughts would be so helpful - I love this little guy so much.

Thank you!