Hi all,

Just a little note to let you know about some new products in shop.

There are some stunning sterling silver handcrafted CKCS Earrings, small CKCS charms, and large Flying Cavalier pendant charms, all individually made by the artists and shopped to us from the USA.

We also now have these beautiful handpainted CKCS Puppy ornaments, in all four cavalier colours.

I know these items may appear pricey, but they really are the very lowest prices we can offer. They are very exclusive items, beautifully made.

All these items are on the homepage of the shop. They are in the coming soon section, but they are actually in stock. It is just that we ran our of room on the home page to put them in the 'new in' section!


We really hope you like them all. Any ideas of things to stock in the shop are always gratefully received and taken on board.

Many thanks,

Karen and Tania x