I just wondered if I am the only one with a seriously grouchy cavvy? Charlie has been this way since a pup - he has been an old dog in a young dogs body - he sneers at us, huffs at us and sighs at us and awful lot. We also have a 9mth old westie female pup who just wants to play with Charlie but all he does is grump at her or turn his back on her. Now I could understand all this behaviour if he was an old dog, but he has only just turned 4yrs and can and will still play when the mood takes him, its just that he is like a grouchy old man most of the time.
We occassionaly see flashes of playfulness, but it is rare and no amount of me crawling on the floor, making silly noises, rolling balls, etc etc will entice him, he ill just look at me like I am mental and huff. I dont understand it, and nor does poor little Dolly (my westie) - I adore Charlie, he is my baby but why is he so grumpy???