Well, after a slow start we had a rush for tickets and ended up with about 25 people, 23 Cavaliers and two honorary Cavaliers aka Westies. We paid for the hire of the hall (my church kindly gave us a special rate in spite of being chronically broke) and will be sending 45 to Rupert's Fund. Thank you to everyone who came, but special thanks to:

Amy, my right hand woman, who not only helped me with transporting stuff, but helped with the games and gave a useful talk (her first ever, I think!) on grooming. She doesn't have a dog at present but was delighted to win a little padded house in the raffle for her elderly cat to sleep in.

Veterinary nurse Bethany, who gave a great talk on first aid, and had some freebies for humans and sold a lot of pocket-size first aid kits for the dogs.

Margaret, who came from Hertfordshire to give many people the benefit of her wisdom and experience, especially about SM.

Tania, who brought some lovely stuff from the Cavalier Matters shop and made such generous donations to the raffle.

Sandra, secretary of the Companion Cavalier Club, who also travelled from the south east.

Jackie, who doesn't even have a dog at the moment, let alone a Cavalier, but always turns up to help at my events, and yesterday looked after the raffle (and to Di, who went round selling tickets)

Jayne, who contributed a delicious cake to the tea.

Mick, aka Santa, who arrived with two of his reindeer with impressive antlers and distributed little presents to all the Cavaliers (more than he gave out at our recent church bazaar, I may say!).

And everyone who joined in the games (the sausage race made everyone laugh!), bought raffle tickets and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Kate, Oliver and Aled