I tried to video my old boy doing his meal time scratching. He will scratch his ears after every meal and sometimes will chew his feet. At his last vet visit, he is healthy, no ear infection, no fleas, no mites, no lice. He is 9 years old has a grade 3 heart murmur. I will not have a MRI done due to age and heart issue.

Based on frequency would this be consider SM symptoms and if so do I ask for medication? TIA!

First video he had just finished scratching his ear and this is him again scratching. Also there is some grumbling between the boys. Old boy eats fast and watches the younger boy dog eat. Second video he had been scratching for a few seconds already and I tape the end of his scratching. He scratched a total of 5 times this morning. Sometimes he does more and sometimes he will chew his feet as well. (All dogs in video have different pedigree lines.)