This is a perplexing situation to be in.
Neuro at local vet college recommended a very low dose of gabapentin backed up with prednisone for Charlie. The dose has been increased to 100 three times a day since then.
When I learned about omeprazole, cimitidine and lyrica I contacted my local vet.
Even though none of them were/are recommended for SM she wrote a prescription for omeprazole for Charlie and checked out Clare Rusbridge's site on my urging. Charlie did well on omeprazole and it's very expensive. so I thought cimitidine, in tablet form, was the generic for omeprazole and maybe that would be less expensive than the syrup being dispensed.
It's confusing because cimitidine is over the counter in the US and doesn't need a prescription. It's for stomache ailments and I think omeprazole is as well. So the pharmacist is unable to help either.
I don't think a lot of vets are familiar with this disease there being fewer cavs here than in Britain. Worse, most breeders don't admit to having SM/CM dogs (I'm sure they have) so I'm struggling to familiarize myself with different drugs.
The neuro consult I had was not very rewarding despite the cost. I was told Charlie, because of his symptoms, probably has SM and recommended an MRI costing 1,500 dollars, wrote the prescription for gabapentin and 8 prednisone tablets. I never saw the neuro. The technician took him away and returned him to me with the diagnosis in the crowded waiting room inquiring if I had any questions. Questions! I couldn't think straight., I was left on my own and our vet isn't familiar with the disease. There you have it and maybe you will understand why I have to ask how cimitidne works on SM. Head in hands.