Just want to be clear that I did not say that "it is not necessary to give cimetidine and gabapentin two hours apart" but rather I said that I did a lot of research, and I can't FIND anything in the literature that indicates that giving the drugs together is a problem. I certainly don't want to be on record here as disagreeing with something that a neurologist tells a client about drug administration.

Since I don't have a dog on SM meds, I've not had a conversation about this with a neurologist. If I were a client and was instructed to not give the drugs together, I'd respectfully ask for the source material/reason for this recommendation. It would be important to me because of my schedule which would make compliance more difficult. Here again is my original quote, and thanks, Nicki, for including my quote!

"From what I've read, I don't see a problem giving gabapentin and cimetidine at the same time and it seems to be an over-generalization to say not to give ANY other drug at the same time. If I had an SM dog on these meds, I'd want to specifically read and understand where the problem is in Plumb's or another drug handbook (added now - or other reference material). Also, I would consider the option of using one of the other H2 receptor antagonists such as omeprazole, ranitidine or famotidine."