I have 2 dogs and the boys go through dog toys like there is no tomorrow and it's very pricey in the shops to replace them. But I think I've found the answer. Me and my mum go to a car boot sale on a sunday, when we were there I seen a cute little kids teddy in the shape of a dog, I got it for the boys as a present that was all the way back in March and I finally had to throw the teddy out yesterday. It had cost 50p and last 9 months. So for Christmas we have got them 10 teddies from the car boot sale which has added up to a fiver. Throughout the year we will occasionally get them a new one. We think it's a perfect cheap alternative. All you have to do is make sure the teddy doesn't have any beads on the outside (e.g. for nose and eyes) or anything else on the inside except for stuffing. If there isn't any carboot sales by you try a charity shop, then your money's going to a good cause. Hope this helps others