This year is the first proper year we will have had the dogs for Christmas. So far I have managed to spend more money on them than I have on anyone else. Since we put the tree up I've realised that the dogs love the baubles. So we put some anti chew spray on and put lots of presents at the bottom to make it look more festive and to stop them from getting too close to knock it over like last year. Plan failed when I went out to get a drink. I seen Charley our cav walking round with his tail between his legs when I headed into the living room(which always means they've done something they shouldn't). In there I found Buddy and Charley had opened most of the presents under the tree and Buddy was playing with a squeaky toy we got him for Crimbo. On the plus side I found out my sister got me Downton Abbey Series 3 on DVD (even if the case has a few bite marks on it)