Our 4 month old puppy has very itchy skin and has lost furr in patchy areas where her skin is dry and irritated. We've had to put a cone on her because she itches her face and cuts herself.

After our vet had ruled out mites, fleas and fungal diseases, we have assumed its likely a food allergy. Her puppy food was good quality (Fromm Puppy Gold) but we are thinking maybe the chicken and/ or dairy in it may be the problem. We have switched her to the food our 10 month old is on, a grain free all ages food called PureVita, which only has fish for protein, and then fruits and veggies. We will see if thst helps (fingers crossed). Even our other puppy had an intolerance to chicken and grains, it gave him runny poop and increased tearing.

Has anyone had these issues with food allergies or intolerances?
Somehow BOTH our dogs (who are both otherwise very healthy) have had nutritional issues... So to us it feels all too common.