Maggies breeder lives on the mainland, a 3 hour drive (and boat ride) there and 3 hours back. So when i found out One of her littermates was coming to the island..i was over the moon. I hoped the new owner would be as excited as i was..and maybe we could get them together.

we hooked up over facebook, not only do we both have the breeder as a common friend..but 2 or 3 other friends as well.. She (Marnie) is also a hobby photorapher like me.. It turns out..that the puppy she ended up with, the one i was GOING to adopt..but she wouldnt come near me..where as maggie flopped herself in my lap and wouldnt move..basically choosing me and Maggie..was Marnie's second choice if i had chosen carly.

we got the girls together yesterday, they hadn't seen eachother in a month. and i wasnt sure how maggie would of my biggest fears the day i adopted her..was she would be so sad about not seeing her puppy family.. i tell you she never looked back. never cried fo'es been a happy little lady.

so when we showed up at Marnie and Carlys house..maggie was shocked.
Carly was overjoyed excited (she came home 2 or 3 weeks after maggie. due to marnie being on shes been with her 'puppy family' a lot longer then maggie)
we put hte girls on the floor and stepped back.

maggie..hid behind a oversized flower pot..with her tail between her legs. where as carly was running around excited trying to get maggie to come out.
we brought htem into another room..and maggie was very shy..tail between her legs..very scared.
i gave her lots of comfort and love.. and eventually she warmed up..and before you knew it..the two girls were playing as if no time had passed.. running..chasing..tackling..barking happily. kissing.
Marnie bought them a couple tutu's for photos..and it was too cute lol

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