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    Default potty pads - grass

    When i first brought maggie home.she 'got' potty pads right away. it made me excited.

    so i was fine with puppy pads..trying tog et her to go outside on one in the carport..but theyre expensive..and i want to eliminate them anyways.
    she is so stubborn..and just didnt get the concept of grass.

    so she finally has her 2nd round of shots, and i took her for a long for her walk..trying to encourage her to go while we were on the walk..stubborn little thing.
    i KNEW she had to go..but she wouldnt..she instead wanted to go home..and was pretty 'eager' to get if she really really had to go.
    so instead of going for her pad..i took her to the grass.
    it was a cold but dry night (grass was still damp) and i sat on a little ledge next to the grass ..and let her run around..saying 'go poo poo' 'go pee pee' she knew what i was sayign to her.and had to go..but was getting so mad
    she was throwing a tantrum.. barking..growling..trying to bite her way off her leash.. just PISSED. lol

    so i finally took her to the carport..let her sniff her pad..she did her potty dance and i rushed her to the grass again.
    'what the heck are you doing ?" she musta been asking
    ...she was soooo mad now.. she continued barking /growling at me.. and i keept saying 'go pee pee..go poo poo.' after 5 minutes she went!!! LOTS AND LOTS of praise..and a cookie later...
    now that the grass has her sent on it..and she has been going on the grass every time i take her out.

    i still have one in her crate at night just in case.. even though im up every couple hours letting her out..
    friday night her pad was dry. and today it was only just a little damp. but she did her buisness on the grass every time i took her out.
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