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So, many days, you would find me outside in the rain and soaking wet begging, please do pee pee please do poo poo.
We still have those days...Rose, and Emma, our newest, do not like the rain. Rose has gotten better about it now that we have Emma, though...misery loves company? lol

I admit to having Rose one of those fake grass "Potty Patch" things...Since she actually uses it when she has to go and we don't hear her get out of the bed, I haven't wanted to give it up. It's right next to the back door. Apparently the best thing for Rose has been getting a second dog who isn't house trained- she has been appalled (I wish I had a pic of her face, lol) that another dog has peed/poo'd in her house, and she hasn't had an accident in forever, like she wants to teach Emma to NOT GO POTTY IN HER HOUSE, lol. Win/win for me! :P