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Thread: potty pads - grass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydneys Mom View Post
    So, many days, you would find me outside in the rain and soaking wet begging, please do pee pee please do poo poo.
    We still have those days...Rose, and Emma, our newest, do not like the rain. Rose has gotten better about it now that we have Emma, though...misery loves company? lol

    I admit to having Rose one of those fake grass "Potty Patch" things...Since she actually uses it when she has to go and we don't hear her get out of the bed, I haven't wanted to give it up. It's right next to the back door. Apparently the best thing for Rose has been getting a second dog who isn't house trained- she has been appalled (I wish I had a pic of her face, lol) that another dog has peed/poo'd in her house, and she hasn't had an accident in forever, like she wants to teach Emma to NOT GO POTTY IN HER HOUSE, lol. Win/win for me! :P

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    My solution ,even though my four are well passed puppy stage ,is to put my coat on and go and outside with them till I am sure they have all been or definately don't
    want to go, and of course it has to be Daisy who takes an age .Oh well it all adds to the fun of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and I am sure Daisy does it all on purpose .
    Brian M

    Poppy the Tri, Daisy the Blen, Rosie the Ruby and Lily the B & T

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    well..karlin that was part of my stress poor melissa got to hear about.. and i hadnt posted on here yet.
    4 days before i was to pick maggie up, one of my coworkers brought in her huge mountian dog to work.(so inapropriate..that dog was bigger then the kids) and now my boss said she NEVER said maggie could come full time. althoguh 3 of us heard her..3 of us have discussed it with her for months.. we've had conversations about it.. some of our daycare parents are SO MAD maggie is NOT coming in. they were so excited. So i was pretty devistated.
    anyways.. the unthinkable happened then.. probably because it was 4 days to pick up date..and by this time my mom was over the moon excited (lol) she asked grandpa if he would mind taking care of maggie while i was at work. this is something i had brought up to dad a few times while i was still in the 'thinking' stage..but dad had dismissed because he coudlnt imagine that going over well with mom.
    anyways he has been doing a fantastic job. and helping training. and we think its doing him good too.

    shes been doing really good on the grass.. since that night i posted.
    i have removed the potty pad from the carport because we havnt used it in days. I have kept one in her crate at night..but been getting her up every time i get up (and i get up SEVERAL times a night for my own bladder lol) so that one has been dry. My mom has suggested removing it.. but im not sure.. She...everyone says that a dog will not go in their space (even if i locked the kennel giving her no access to the rest of the crate) but she dose..and she dosnt ask to go out. even if im up several times a night.
    christmas eve was one of those frusterating nights. we were staying at my i did not have her crate..only her kennel.

    because i went to bed at 11:30..took her out. i was stil awake at 2...i took her out...i woke up at 4..took her out..and was up by 9 and took her out. She went every time it ook her out.. and there was still 2 poop nuggets in her kennel bed. i was right next to her on an airbed..she never cried..whined..asked to be let out..and was pretty much out every 2 hours.... THAT ASIDE...that was the only accident she had at my aunts int eh whole 2 nights we were there. i was thrilled for her.

    I still think shes got a stubborn streak even my parents and my grandpa has said it (and we've all raised several dogs over the years ) (lol even if you say no puppy is ever stubborn) I dont expect her to be potty trained or 'get it' for a long while. shes just a baby..and is learning. that being accident is ever her fault ALWAYS mine.(and i NEVER EVER scold her ) just reward her with a treat and lots and lots of praise when she dose what i want her to.
    Oliver and Max and Meeko man, i will meet you at the Rainbow bridge. I love you all. Miss you more then you'll ever know.
    wait for me...


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