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Thread: Breeders take note

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlin View Post
    Hmmm. If I had a dog with SM whose littermate was being shown and used at stud -- I might copy my neurologist's report confirming SM and send it to the owner of the other show/stud. Perhaps that is a breeder who cares more about this issue than yours, and would wish to be sure now that she has MRId her male.

    Every now and then you do get a show breeder who does really care -- but then again, if she does she would have MRId the show/stud. Still, If I were breeding I'd really value the information on siblings for my own breeding programme. You never know. Maybe such a letter would prompt an interesting discussion between your breeder and that breeder.

    Maybe it is time to create a website that lists scanned, affected cavaliers, with MRI results. I bet it would be closely read by breeders -- including the ones who won;t scan or share information themselves... Everyone wants information -- few want to provide it.
    I totally agree with you.
    I used the e-mail link on the kennel website, very nice, very informative complete with a warning against buying from pet stores because these puppies are probably from mills and advising future puppy owners to inquire about parent testing and so on.
    Not wanting to cause problems, maybe her dog is clear, I said her male is gorgeous because he is, said I had his litter mate and asked if hers had been MRI 'd. That was Tuesday, now it's Thursday--no response. Excuses could be made maybe the computer is broken, maybe they're on holiday, etc. Time will tell but based on these two breeders I suspect I won't.

    I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback spayed bitch that became incontinent and when the vet tested for diabetes I contacted her breeder for advice. The breeder said she hadn't encountered it and made me promise to contact her with test results because if my dog had diabetes she would move away from it in her breeding programme. Now that's a breeder unlike my experiences with CAvalier breeders. It's just so sad. The ridge is not diabetic.
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