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    Default How much?

    I have been feeding Maggie Acana puppy food..
    half cup in morning, half cup in evening.

    shes not interested in it dry..i tried adding a bit of water, i tried putting int in a food ball. every time it interested her for a day or two and then she was done.
    its frusterating when you have 40 minutes in hte morning and she just wont eat (the breeder said a 15 minute rule) but it was going all day and she was eating maybe 1/4 of a last resort i went to the pet store looking for something healthy to mix in.

    they recomended Tripett ..said it stunk but dogs cant get enough of it. and i chose Green Beef Tripe, Duck and Salmon
    went home and did a google reasearch..said it was great..

    So with half a cup of acana..ive been mixing it in her food..and she bloody loves it. gobbles her food..BEGGS for it when she sees me making it.. im so pleased with this.

    but Dose anyone have any recomendations on serving sizes?

    oliver was so over weight..that maggies weight is always on my mind. i dont want her to get too fat.
    i know the measurements on the bag is so off..but also.. now that im putting Tripett in..i dont wanna over feed her.

    Oliver and Max and Meeko man, i will meet you at the Rainbow bridge. I love you all. Miss you more then you'll ever know.
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    I often mix in Tripett as well, its very healthy and it sure does STINK!! Sometimes I also put a little dallop of plain yogurt in, they love it!

    Before I got Gracie, I free-fed Lady until she was about 6 months old and she developed a better appetite. She never used to come to close to finishing her bowl. I don't know if it was her getting older, or the fact there was another dog to compete with, but now they both gobble down their dry food as fast as they can.

    I did 1/2c twice a day until Lady was spayed at 6 months. Now I feed each dog 1/4 cup twice a day, with fruits veggies and some Zukes super treats, GetNaked chews, and tarter buster bones (rotating the treats of course - not all in one day). I am also on Orijen now which is higher protein (grain-free), hence the smaller servings. I do rotate between the Orijen chicken and 6fish, so mixing up the flavours might help a bit as well!

    I would say keep her 1/2c twice a day until shes a bit older/spayed, if you see her getting a bit chubby, just cut down a bit. She wont balloon overnight, so just keep an eye on the fat around her ribs
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