Hi All,

I brought home my first Cavalier just before Thanksgiving, his name is Teddy and he is a little darling blenheim. Found this forum when I was researching his sensitive stomach, and was very happy to find out I wasn't alone with my boy's issues! I've always had Golden Retrievers before, who are pretty big, hearty dogs, and mine have always had stomachs like tanks, haha. Teddy is about 14 weeks now, and currently the little prince of house, ruling over my 7 year old golden Max, who Teddy adores, and our cat, Eli, who I think Teddy would adore gently munching, if only Eli would hold still for it.

Looking forward to learning more about this wonderful breed through this group - I'm sure I will have so many questions as Teddy grows up, and it's lovely to know there are some experts near at hand!