I know its been brought up before..because ive read it. but just not sure where.
How long of walks should a 13 week old pup be going on? she has only just started to walk this last week after getting her second shots.
she isnt a huge fan of walking..dont blame her with the cold weather (well its average of 6-4* at night..she has a coat..but do you think her paws get cold on the pavement?)
Each night we go for a bit longer..the first few nights.it was only a couple blocks (2-3) then wed turn around.
tonight it was our longest walk, 3.5 km..45 minutes.
she was SUPER excited when we turned around because she knew we were going back home..lol
and shes all happy now that we're back.

Shes still not doing her buisness on the walks..but im not too worried about that