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Very glad to hear that she's got some medication and can wait till the MRI is done. I also have a vet whose bedside manner isn't swell--and she has a very loud voice. My daughter dislikes her, but I keep taking Tess to her because she is very knowledgable about Cavaliers, and about heart disease in dogs. I figure I don't have to have dinner with her! But I do trust her when she educates me about Tess and what is going on with her heart.
I don't know if I could deal with loud, I'm a very quiet person, and I like other quiet people. This guy is just different, really the only description I have is that he's an academic. I was told he would barely speak to me. When I said I had a PhD in neuroscience he just got very chatty, about Thistle, about the pictures in his office, what was my dissertation on, etc.