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Thread: Thistle had several pain episodes this weekend

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    Ok, I picked Thistle up, and talked to the neurologist. She has a single large syrinx (pictures with size will be available later this week), it is on the left side (all her symptoms are on the left side so I was afraid we'd have an asymmetrical syrinx as well. She has enlarged ventricles, CM, medullary kink, and cerebellar crowding, but he did not see herniation. He said the images were very high quality. And her ears were clear, so no PSOM.

    My neurologist clearly doesn't deal with cavaliers often, he is not at all convinced that Clare's recommendations will do anything, but he prescribed them and we will be using those. Thistle has omeprazole 10 mg SID, gabapentin 100 mg BID, and rimadyl 1/2 tablet SID. ANd we'll be tapering her off the prednisone starting tomorrow.

    I'm so glad I have this forum, who knows how long it would have taken to get her diagnosed and onto these meds (instead of prednisone). Thanks to everyone! I'm sure I'll be catching up on reading this section more thoroughly soon.

    He also warned that the meds are very expensive, but I'm from America, and compared to American healthcare, nothing is expensive. It was €300 for the scan, €9 for one month of omeprazole, €12 for 90 tablets of 100 mg gabapentin, and €7 for a bottle of rimadyl.
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