Hi, my name is Leo I live in the state of MA. USA Cape Cod area. I have a new 6 month old Cavalier named Buddy, he is Ruby in color and is very handsome. We have only had him for about a month and he is very smart. He loves to play, watch TV and sleeps with us at night. House training is coming along pretty good some days no accidents others a couple. I am trying to stop him from barking at everyone and everything he sees. I had a 1 1/2 yr old grandson over the holidays that just loved the dog and the dog loved him. I could not ask for a better personality. The breeder we purchased him from did not have him up to date on shots so that is now under control and we just got him neutered, I want a family pet and did not want to breed him. Any suggestions from you all will be welcomed. I am retired so I have the time to work with him. Thanks for reading this and I hope to learn a lot about this breed.