last week i noticed that Jazz's eyes were far more weepy than usual, in fact the whole bridge of her nose was saturated by the middle of the day and I could soak up the tears with a tissue. Her eyes don't appear red or seem to be bothering her in any way but as there was also a yeasty smell associated with the tears, I took her to the vets last saturday to be safe.

She's been perscribed Maxitrol eye drops and i'm giving her 2drops, 3 times daily. It's been 3 days now and i'm not seeing much of an improvement. I should aslo say that she does not wake up with a tear soaked nose or any kind of residue around her eyes - so it's only a problem during the day

The vet also performed a tear test for dry eye - Jazz wouldn't put up with the strip in her eye for the full 30 seconds required but neither eye suggested that we should be overly concerned.

I'm going back for a follow-up this saturday but I'm wondering if anyone has expereinced this and has any advice?

Jazz is just over a year old now.