Such a a great story, it gives you that feel good feeling, i have a rescue called Sadie, and she has many issues still, but to me thats who she is, its part of her previous life, i don,t know whether she will ever be rid of those demons that haunt her, she did,nt even know how to play with toys or play at all really, cowers when young men approach her, and has a constant hesitant look about her, looking for reassurance always, she literally jumps a foot in the air when scared, which is often, but i treat her just the same as i do ruby, because to be honest i don,t know the answer to rid her of these awful issues, but she knows i love and care for her, i,am sure, every morning with out fail, since i got her in may 2012, she greets me her tail is wagging so vigourisly, her feet start to dance, and then she talks!!!!! And its just the greatest feeling ever, and then she goes to wake Ruby, with a morning kiss, but Ruby is not in a kissing mood, and turns over and goes back to sleep lol. These moments are so special to me, it makes me realize that although Sadie is mentally scarred, she knows what its like to be cared for and cherished, she was a lucky one, and to anyone anywhere, who rescues any dog, any breed, any animal, that its just the best feeling in the world, that you can give them something,that i costs nothing, love!!!!! Karen, Ruby and Sadie