Well, we sent to see Megan last night, and she was very doped up, and not really aware we were there. We have feared the worse all night, and the local vets had a nurse sleep with her all night, so that someone was with her all the way. We have just been in to see her this afternoon, and whilst a lot more perky than last night, there are other things now to take into consideration. Her new tests show her Bilriubin up to an horrendous 5521, it just seems to be going up and up. Her jaundice has gone, but she has a slight anemia now, and her breathing is quite heavy. She was very happy to see us, and was very frustrated that she couldnt have cuddles initially, so we eventually took her out of the cage and sat with her laid on our knees and she calmed down a lot, but was making quite a few squeeking sounds, which isn't megan at all. It was time for her pain killers, so they gave her an injection through the drip, and she immediately zoned out. We made a note of the pain killer they are using which is called comfortan, because we were so surprised at how fast it worked. Having come home we looked it up and it clearly says that it must not be used on dogs with liver problems. We have put a call into the specialist vet to ask her if she was aware they were using this, and also if there is an alternative, and we also have just spoken to the local vet who say they are aware of its suggested uses, but they wanted to ensure that she was pain free, and under the circumstances they felt it was the one to use. So this has of course worried us.
Her liver biopsy did not come back yesterday, but we have had a message from the specialist vet to say that they will definately be with us by the end of the evening. I know the decision for Megans future really lies with the results. I just feel she is on a knife edge right now - no matter what is done, her bilirubin results keeping going up, and I feel the local vet is trying to get us ready for what they feel is inevitable. We will only do whatever is right for Megan, but I do want to give her a good chance because we believe that she is fighting. Am I wrong to question the use of the Comfortan? could it be doing more harm than good?
Thank you to anyone reading.
Lynne x