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Ok, so, not good news. I am writing this all down, and then we are heading off to the vets. We will not be making any decisions until tomorrow. The biopsy result was worrying to poor. the small sections of her liver lobes are non functional, and have probably never been functional from birth. the large lobe has severe colongitus (excuse spelling) and a lot of fybrosis which specialist vet says indicates late stage liver disease. She believes that the antibiotics that she is on are the best ones to try and help manage the situation, and the lactulose. She suggests that we see how she manages over the next 24 - 48 hours, her recommendation is to reduce the use of the comfortan, in terms of dose and frequency, but both her and her team think the mix of meds is the right one for megan as she is, but really she was just going around in circles about how she is so sorry, etc., and that she agrees with the local vets use of meds under the circumstances. She said that we should consider Megans wellbeing when making our decision, which of course we would.
I just don't know anything now really. We are going up to the vets for the last appointment at 7:15 to see the head vet there, and then to spend some time with megan. I doesnt seem that there is a way forward other than the inevitable.
So she likely had an undiagnosed congenital PSS - that would explain her small size (despite being overweight) and if she had "failure to thrive" and the current state of her liver. The cholangitis could be the result of the gallstones blocking the biliary tree.

What antibiotics is she on for the bacterial infection? I think they often use metronidazole for liver disease.

A vet is never going to criticize another vet's treatment to a client. It just isn't ever going to happen. I would completely stop the Comfortan, but I perfectly understand if you are not comfortable doing that.

I'm so sorry to hear your news, but it is not unexpected. You are a wonderful owner to Megan. Remember that she is not afraid and lives in the present moment. You rescued her and gave her a happy life, and she loves you very much.