She has no interest in going for walks it seems.

i dont blame her..its not warm out..averages +6* to -4 lastnight (and no i didnt dare venture out with her..woulda been misrable for everone)

but even when its on the 'warmer' side..she got no interest.. Ive put her in a nice warm jacket.. that i spent more on then i have for myself in 5 years lol)
ive taken her on pavement..ive taken her on chipped wood paths down by the bog.. she LOVESSSSSS seeing other people. i swear shed go home with anyone of these strangers.

but she hates walking..she tries to climb my leg../get me to pick her up.
most of the time i refuse.. i make her walk and as soon as we turn around..she KNOWS..and will go racing ahead towards the car or the house.(on leash of course..and if people or cars come by i quickly shorten it) do i get her INTERESTED in walks. I try talking to her excited and get her going..most of hte time it just dosnt work.