Im absolutely gutted, ive been fearing the worst for a little while now so armed with videos of Lucy we went to the vets last night.

Sadly my vet agreed with me & thinks Lucy does have SM. we have to go back next week for blood tests & then possibly an MRI.

I asked what the blood test was for & he said it probably wouldn't show anything & was to see if Lucy would be able for steroids, I asked whether it would be better for Lucy to have the MRI first as if (& only if) she dosnt have SM then she wouldn't need the steroids anyway. His answer was 'MRIs are not the be a & end all' which wasnt really the answer I was looking for to be honest.

So we're going back next week for the blood test & go from there.

The reason we have to wait a week is because Lucy was given her kennel
Cough vaccine last night.