Here's an answer to that question -- and a bit about what you can do:

Note that a survey showed the commercial poop eating-prevention products almost never work nor does running around pouring chili powder or tabasco etc on poop... (maybe your'e just seasoning it nicely, as far as your dog is concerned!!).The only approach that really works -- one that I agree with and have found to be the case myself -- is simply preventing access in the first place by avoiding/immediately cleaning up poop.

Now for the big question: what should you do if your dog likes to feast on feces? Well, don’t bother with the commercial products. Hart’s survey found that of the 12 commercial anti-copraphagia food additives on the market—For-Bid, Nasty-habit, and Potty Mouth to name a few—none worked in more than 2% of dogs and many didn’t work at all. On the other hand, what could possibly taste worse than poop? Yet, lacing with chili pepper didn’t work either. Nor did using an electronic collar, yelling “leave it!” or trying punishment-based techniques that people tend to use. That’s most likely because the dog still has a desire and may just learn to avoid performing this nasty habit in front of you.

A more successful, but inconvenient, solution is to just deny access to the delicacy by cleaning it up ASAP. Also, instead of reactively punishing Fido, proactively call him to you before or as soon as you see him heading towards the stinky delicacy. Then reward him for coming when called and staying where you want while you go out and scoop the waste.