I am flying to Switzerland for a job interview in the morning (Yey!). I had arranged with some friends of mine in Antwerp to watch the dogs, but they backed out last minute because they are too afraid of hurting Thistle. So last second a CT member (Gladys' mom -black and tan cavalier) offered to take them.

So today we took the train to Germany! Thistle is chasing Gladys everywhere, you'd never even know she's sick. And since Gladys is in heat, Thistle has decided that they are going to make puppies (and Gladys isn't protesting). Fortunately, Thistle is spayed, and female/female matings have a low success rate anyway. But it's nice to see Thistle active and enthusiastic again.

The gabapentin seems to be sufficient on its own (for now). I'm giving the omeprazole separately because I don't want any absorption interference. I won't be changing her medications for a while, I want her stabilised for a while before we start fiddling with things.