As a few of you may be aware, i rescued Sadie in may 2012, she is a troubled soul, and we have come a long way with her, but she has suddenly started to display some worrying behaviour, she is an extremely nervous and jumpy with people, but absolutely dotes on me and Ruby, in the last couple of weeks there has been quite a bit of activity going on indoors what with christmas and guests and family, (she,s used to just me and Ruby and the odd visitor) and at the moment i have my daughter and partner staying with my young two year old grandson. Sitting on the sofa with Ruby and Sadie, with laptop, my daughter comes over and squats to chat to Ruby and Sadie, and Sadie starts to growl at her, katie my daughter softly tells her to schh, starts to talk to me, and Sadie is getting more upset over this, as katie stands, Sadie lurches towards her barking almost in an aggressive way, which has happened in similar situations, and always when she,s on the sofa, or when people walk through the door, i just don,t know whats got into her, this is a dog that is so timid and shy, obviously this has raised a few issues and concerns, as Sadie is very nervous with tots about, and i know she won,t tolerate being pulled around, so i,am very careful when my grandsons are about, any advice how to deal with Sadie on this matter, should i discipline her, i don,t want to cause her any more problems, or do i need to get expert advice on this, family seem to compare her to Ruby, who is laid back and chilled, Sadie will cower if anybody different trys to approach her and pet her, my son and daughter are both animal lovers, and they quite often joke and call her Psyco Sadie, but seriously i am worried, i won,t give up on Sadie, i rescued her, and i will do all i can to help her. Karen, Ruby and Sadie