just wondering at what age a cavalier can hold it through the night?

i ask because both the breeder and maggies sisters owner say that now..at 15 weeks they should be able to hold it.

im late in the game to taking her out at night..because i was using pee pads inside and out. and have now switched to grass. she still has an ermerg pad in her crate at night, (she has a kennel in a large crate) however that pad has been used once in the 2 weeks..its been dry. so on tuesday..if theres been no more accidents im removing it permiently.

i have been tkaing her out at least once a night..and as i posted before she usallly gets mad at me lol. but she dose go.

because shes been doing soo good the last two weeks..i dont want to stop taking her out..and regress..know what i mean?

last night..was the first night that shes acutaly just come up to me both times i took her out..without me having to drag her outa bed. she walked up and went pee both times i took her out.

she has even started holding her poop till moring THANK GOD....that was disgusting (shes got very very smelly poops..have that in a closed off bedroom..ugh. )

so..are they right..will she be okay till mornig? myself...i get up for my own bladder 2-3 times a night

oh and before you say 'shell ask you'...she dosnt ask. ever. eve if there is no pad in the crate.
infact..shes even gone in her bed befor. everyone says they dont. i love my girl. but she seems to have no shame.

side note..i take her into my bed for a snuggle beore i put her i her crate every night. lastnight she fell asleep while i messed around on my phone for a hour or two.
i didnt want to take her to her crate. it remidned me of oliver snuggles (he would occasionaly sleep on my bed circumstances depending..if we were up island at our beach trailer or the rents were away)
i cant WAIT till shes fully trained and we can do this again.