Hi Everyone, thanks for reading this in advance!
I live with my partner in London, we have a small 2 bedroom apartment with a small front garden. I am actively looking to buy my first dog but am a little anxious as to which dog will suit me. I LOVE Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and have done numerous online surveys to see if they are suited to mine and my partners lifestyle. The thing that worries me the most is the fact that i work full time, Monday to Friday and i am out of the house between 830 am and 630pm. My partner works part time as a flight attendant and can be out of the country for us to 4 days at a time. so i guess during that time the dog will be at home on its own for about 8 hours (except of course if it falls over a weekend) so i assume there will be about 8 days per month where the dog will be on its own for about 8 hours.
Can anyone advise if this is fair on a dog? How active are they in that sense? I am thinking of getting an adult dog rather than a puppy...
What else do i need to know about this dog to make sure it fits our lifestyle?
Any advise is much appreciated!