I had researched months for a new dog now that my wife and I are retired, it was a toss up between a Pug or a Cav leaning towards a Cav. I also researched a rescue one only to find out less than a mile from me there was a breeder. I contacted him and he had a 6 month old pup that he wanted to sell before he started bothering his females and his male dog would not like that. Well we got him for a few hours to see what we thought and he was so calm and lovable we could not return him, so needles to say we purchased him from the breeder. We have now had him for almost a month, I am working on sit, stay, and recall in the house. I do not let him off lead because he will chase after everything that blows by in the wind. I let him off once and had a time getting him to come back, so that took care of that. The breeder only had his first puppy shots so we got him to the vet and took care of shots, we also had him fixed, first booster and second one next month. I am finding a wealth of information on this forum, which I really like. We have one real bad habit that we created he sleeps with us at night, we have been told that this is bad to do but he settles in between us and sleeps all night what a love he is. House training is coming alone with a few slips now and then. He is a grazer on his food and eats later in the day, I tried taking it away and giving it in the morning but that did not work, so any suggestions will be help. Thank you all for any advice you may give me.