So I decided to take the girls out for a short walk yesterday evening, we haven't been spending much time outdoors lately with all of this freezing cold weather and I thought they might enjoy a bit of time outside.

It was about -30C with the wind, we were all bundled up in our winter gear, and had just left my building. We crossed the street and Lady started limping. I cleaned the the ice and salt out of her paws and kept walking. She started limping again! I cleaned her paws again. We didn't reach the end of the street and she was crying and wouldn't walk any further. So I took her off her leash, and carried her for the remainder of our walk to the bank and back while Gracie walked along side us. I was quite worried that she had injured herself, she has had a minor knee problem since puppyhood, or maybe she had stuck something really sharp in her paw.

Well, we finally get home and I put her down to inspect her more closely. She was PERFECTLY FINE! Running around, wagging her tail, like nothing ever happened.

The little brat just didn't want to walk in the cold!!!!! Boy do I feel manipulated But really, I cant blame her - it is *&#@!%@ COLD out there!