Hi~ I am considering adopting a 6 year old male from a national rescue. The little guy has a grade 3 heart murmur but otherwise is in good health. This will be my first dog EVER ( I was a deprived child right? ). I am single and feel I am in a financial position to comfortably handle the regular expenses of a pet as well as SOME unexpenced costs. I'm sure I will fall totally in love with this little guy and of course will want to spare no cost for his needs but am nervous about what the potential expenses will realistically add up to be. I also recognize in going the adoption route that the chances of finding a healthy dog are pretty slim. Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated. I'm meeting him tomorrow and am also hoping I will have a sense if he is the dog for me or not. Have others gotten a "feeling" knowing one way or the other if a dog is for them or not?