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Thread: considering adopting a dog with a heart murmur

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    Thanks everyone for all of your input and helpful advice, I really appreciate it! I've been playing a bit of phone tag with the rescue coordinator here but we last discussed having me go with the foster family when he gets his teeth cleaned to ask questions and get a better sense of his over all health. I think the suggestion of having all the blood work done and offering to chip in on the costs for some extra tests is great.

    I also spoke with the NC coordinator with the CKCS and given that I'm a first time dog owner and would like to use my dog as a therapy dog in my work ( I'm a mental health therapist not sure if I mentioned that before) she suggested I contact some breeders to see if they have any older dogs that they were maybe holding on to show and it didn't work out. So far I've talked to a breeder in Beaufort, SC who has a 1 year old girl available and a lady in Winston-Salem who has a 6 month old boy available. I just need to sit with all the information I have and decide what I think is going to be the best fit for me I guess.
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