On 1/13/13 my beautiful blenheim baby, Stella Agnes, who would've been 12 on Feb. 23rd went to the Bridge. She will be frolicking with all the other dogs and cats there waiting on their owners to join them some day. I will miss her and think of her every day of my life.

Stella had SM (mild symptoms actually began showing up around 6-7 years old) and was on medication for the last few months. Within the last few weeks Stella started having seizures and they had become very frequent. She could not recover quickly from them and could not walk well afterward. My husband and I decided to have Stella go to sleep in my arms on the 13th of January. Her suffering is no more. Stella was a champion, she was a wonderful Therapy Dog, she was a friend and companion, she was a great fur "sister" to the other dogs....she was my heart. The only thing keeping me going is that I have my other beautiful dogs. I will always love you Stella Agnes, you were a blessing to me and everyone who met you.