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Thread: Doggie couch?

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    Default Doggie couch?

    As I've mentioned, we moved from the country to a subdivision 3 weeks ago. Bentley is adapting beautifully; however, our previous home's windows were almost floor-to-ceiling, about 9-12" off the floor. He did scratch the woodwork somewhat (another thing we thought we'd never allow, but that's another subject). The new house windows are a little more than knee-high for me and just right for him to put his front feet on the ledge to watch the street, folks coming & going, etc, however, he's already scratching up the sills and this in spite of a nail trim just this week. Today I had the bright idea of pushing 2 barstools together so he could sit up there and not have to stand on his hind legs, scratching the woodwork. It worked great but obviously I don't want 2 bar stools in my office window indefinitely. And, besides, they're just a little tall for him to jump up by himself. I'd like to find a doggie couch or padded bench so he can sit in the sunny window and watch the goings on and get up there by himself. PetSmart's website doesn't have anything like this. Is hubby going to have to construct it?

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    Check the cat section, you'll probably have better luck on amazon or google shopping. "cat window seat" will turn up lots of results.

    Here are few styles:

    You'll need to make sure it can support his weight (and any weight he might gain in the future). Personally, I'm not sure I would trust a dog on a style with no sides, but it depends on the dog.

    You can just place a bathmat, or doormat under the window so he won't scratch the floor when standing up.

    For protecting the window sill maybe try something like this:

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    Once again something I found on pinterest comes to mind. You can use those plastic milk crate thingys use wire ties to tie 2 together and make a cushion for the top. I found a cheep old foot stool at the thrift store for $10 and recovered it for a window Fletcher seat. I think purchasing something especially make for dogs is not required. If your husband can make thing then check out for ideas.
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