Alright, as most probably know Thistle was just diagnosed with SM. Since starting on prednisone (a week before the MRI) she has been very gassy, and sometimes gets distended and uncomfortable just from the tummy issues. She had a crazy vomiting session about 2 weeks ago, and earned herself an emergency vet visit for that.

She has been off of pred since 2 days after the MRI (tapered off). She is now on gabapentin 100 mg TID, omeprazole 1 capsule SID, and has been taking melatonin 1 mg SID (evening). Her screaming pain episodes haven't recurred, and she's only scratching occasionally (right around time for more gabapentin).

But she's still really gassy. Tonight her poo looked like it might have contained some worms. I had a Sentinel in the house so just gave it to her (was it ok to just give that with everything else she is on?).

She's been much happier since starting the gabapentin, and is a lot more active and snuggly now, but I still feel like she's got further issues.

Any suggestions on how to deal with the gassiness? I've already told her to stop being ladylike and just let it out, massaging her tummy seems to help, but it's only a momentary fix.