In Megans four short years with us (she was four when she came to stay) her insurance claims topped around 12K all in all split between her luxating patella at the beginning, and her abnormal liver at the end. There is no way we could have saved that amount of money, nor could we have found it from somewhere. We had pet insurance from the first day she arrived, ( her old pet records were pretty much non existant), but the insurance agents paid out without quibble on both occasions. Infact, on the very last call i made to them, when I rang them to cancel her policy because we had lost her, the girl at the end of the phone suggested that i make a further claim for her cremation, which I didn't want to do, but they would have happily paid out. A rough 1500 over the four years in insurance premiums V their 12K payout? Its a no brainer for me.

The first thing we did when we got Teddy was to get lifetime insurance again (Pet Plan). I just wouldnt want to risk it, and I want to do every single thing in my power to help my little boy in the future, and that includes not worrying about the cost.