Oliver is one year old now. I am teetering on the fence of getting a second Cavalier or a Golden Retriever. Oliver and I have a very close relationship, one I never imagined possible. I absolutely don't want to ruin that by bringing in another member to our family. How do I know what is best for Oliver? He enjoys playing with my mother's toy-sized dogs, but recently doesn't play with the dogs at the dog park. He'll say hello and watches them play, but won't join in. I should note that he definitely has the extremely friendly-to-all attitude of Cavaliers, maybe more so.

Also, I work from home and he keeps an eye on me all day. When his dad stays home, Oliver wants his attention every second. Oliver also hates to be left behind and breaks my heart with those sad eyes. No typical separation anxiety symptoms, but I know he's unhappy. Anyone have experience with a second pup helping the first to be less lonely without changing the original relationship?