Hello... I have never posted on this board but have read alot of posts thru the months.. I have two cavaliers brothers that are about 11 months old. One has shown signs of patella at about 6 months.. its been getting worse and worse thru the months and he never wanted to play.. so I decided to have surgery with a Dr who came highly recommended but he was not an ortho.. He had surgery on both knees

Anyway, Barney had surgery three weeks ago and it has been so hard on me.. Barney has been a trooper. The vet said at his two week check up he was doing well but I fear he is not. He only takes a few steps and then sits down. He walks very funny

I am wondering if anyone else has gone through this recently.. Are my expectations to high that he should be better by now? My vet also said to cut his tramadol in half but I am afraid to do this because I dont know how much pain he is in..

Any input would be greatly apprectiated.