Quintrelle Tangoes With ByFlosin - 4/12/06 - 28/1/13

There's no easy way to tell you this.

I woke up at 3.55 a.m. to find Bubbles stretched out and still beside me on the bed with Holly gently licking her face. Then I realised there was a foul smell in the room and the bed was soaking wet. Bubba was very still. I looked to see if she was breathing but she was not. I fetched the stethoscope to see if there was a heartbeat, but there was not.

A few days before Christmas she had her annual health check at the vets. No heart murmour to be heard, nothing else wrong either. The vet asked me how I keep my dogs so healthy and said Bubba was in remarkable condition for her age and breed. She said I must have been doing something right.

I will swear there was nothing whatsoever wrong with her yesterday or indeed any day before. She ate a hearty dinner, as usual last night, then tried to steal a treat or two from the table before she went out to toilet in the garden. When we went to bed she snuggled up with me and gave kisses again as usual.

Holly P is very subdued. I am sure she understands that Bubbles has gone and I think she must have comforted her as she passed. I just asked her if she is allright. She gave gentle wags of her tail to tell me yes and has come to sit at my feet. I will let her grieve in her own way.

When the boys wake up I will take them upstairs to say goodbye. I have no idea how they will react. Later I will take her out to the big mound of topsoil at the end of the garden where she liked to sit and make a grave for her. It was her favourite place out there.

I keep asking myself why, but of course there is no answer. Devastated, just devastated.