My Bentley is 7 years old now, and in the past couple months, and even the past week, he has developed some symptoms, that at one time I blamed on his past bout of anaplasmosis. He has been easily-fatigued and rather lethargic, and can no longer jump up on the bed or the couch, this I blamed on the anaplasmosis. My vet did re-check for anaplas and Lyme and all was fine. Recently he has gained a lot of weight though, to the point where I am rather freaked out by it as he almost has a lumpy weird look to him and he looks bloated (altho he is not actually bloated, more pot-bellied I guess you could call it), he's gotten more lethargic and doesn't even play with his toys any more, snores and pants more, seems to drink more (just in the past couple days), and last night some new skin issues popped up. He has these odd hardened raised areas on his back, sort of pink-tinged but not red yet , they are kind of behind his shoulders and along his back, more on his upper back. He also developed a crusty appearance to his nose, and has lost some hair at the tip of his tail to the point where I can see bare skin. He does not seem to be itching at all however. I am going to call my vet tomorrow and make an appointment to take him in. While doing an online search of his newly-formed skin issues I came across pictures of calcinosis cutis, it looked a lot like what Bentley has, and upon further reading I discovered it was a symptom of Cushings.

Has anyone out there had experience with Cushings? I'm so worried about my boy.